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finally. a blog of my own. even the website isn’t ready. so if you read this at all, it will be way after i wrote it. i’m home recording album #2 – can i call it a follow up to the first one, my nebraska? sure, i can call it what i want. that’s why it’s my blog.

doing home recording has good bits and bad bits. good bits are it’s cheaper than going into a studio, i don’t have to wait for an engineer to set up the mics or re-boot the computer, have a fag or call a girlfriend. i can stop and start and start again at will.

how the sound will compare in the end is a question – i’m sending it down to jon at earthworm (he recorded the first album) to mix anyhow, so hopefully he’ll work a bit of post-production (if that’s the right term) magic, and disguise the mistakes.

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