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Jol Rose is a Swindon-based singer-songwriter. With roots in London, Jol has performed his raw mix of Americana acoustic folk on moving trains, stationary flat-bed trucks and remote Pacific islands.

Jol’s most recent album Peace Love Americana (2023) follows Welcome to Zombieland (2020) and his debut My Nebraska (2019). His style mixes stateside influences with something much closer to home.

Where My Nebraska, recorded at Swindon’s Earthworm Studios (reviewed here by The Swindonian), often has a darker feel of decay and despair, Welcome to Zombieland – home-recorded during lockdown – is tinged with hope, personal and political, with songs about change, solidarity and loss.

There is a raw honesty and everyday charm to the songs, the soul searching of the man in the street and a coming to terms with the simple realities about the way the world works… My Nebraska sits at the heart of American tradition, examines the soul of American music and does so whilst standing on its own two feet through its openness, integrity and gruff, understated charisma.

Dave Franklin, The Swindonian

Peace Love Americana has humour in its reflections on life as well as songs of life’s blunt tragedies.

This is truly a wonderful album, full of colour and the ups and downs of life. It will have your feet tapping or bring a tear to your eye, but it is delivered with the style, rawness and charm one might expect from this genre of music.

Brian Inglis, Jelli Records

Despite the pensive strains of much of his recorded material, Jol’s shows are full of energy and humour as he exhorts his audience to get involved. His exuberant performances and thoughtful lyrics are highly regarded in some areas of Wiltshire. (Summed up beautifully at Dave Franklin’s Dancing About Architecture blog.)

Here’s what one German promoter said after Jol’s gig (in Regensburg):

Jol’s strahlende Energie brachte die Leute zum Singen und Tanzen. Grandioser Abend!

Lisa von der Klappe
  1. Make some hay Jol Rose 3:15
  2. Bangalore boogie Jol Rose 2:37
  3. Thread to heaven Jol Rose 5:37
  4. Tears fall down Jol Rose 3:14
  5. Let it roll Jol Rose 4:13
  6. Autumn Song Jol Rose 4:08
  7. Yesterday’s Waltz Jol Rose 3:56


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Press release
Swindon Exports Americana Amidst General Despair


Peace Love Americana (2023)
Welcome to Zombieland (2020)
My Nebraska (2019)

Yesterday’s Waltz (2021)