i joined the americana music association uk a couple of months ago. love ’em, a very pro-active organisation that puts on shows in the good times, and is rocking the online season with seminars and more whilst face coverings are all the vogue.

being a big fan of the likes of steve earle, dylan, springsteen, well i guess i definitely thought i’m playing americana. so that’s gotta be my home association amauk. there been plenty written and a bunch of videos too with people musing about the definition of americana – lots of the stuff that comes under that category is really a lot more country than what i do, i’d say.

and that all reminds me bit of some documentary i saw years ago, country singers talking about what defined that genre. none of it leads anywhere or is remotely useful i’m afraid, but it’s the fun in the singing i suppose.

It’s late and I’m tired but it’s been a buzz staying up late and whipping the website into shape. There are easier ways, probably cheaper ways, but we’re getting there. Feedback welcome. (I still haven’t tested the comments feature, so hey …leave a comment!)

Now I gotta get the social channels (did you see the three little links at the bottom of every page?) into shape, get some posts on Instagram and a new Facebook page sorted (both required since that lovely corporate monstrosity deleted my account for reasons unknown; I guess I’m just bad).

And it’s on with the recording for forthcoming and still untitled album. Wonderful fiddle player Rachael Birkin was round laying down some tracks , always a joy to hear the harmonies burst through.

Early night I reckon. Blog on.

finally. a blog of my own. even the website isn’t ready. so if you read this at all, it will be way after i wrote it. i’m home recording album #2 – can i call it a follow up to the first one, my nebraska? sure, i can call it what i want. that’s why it’s my blog.

doing home recording has good bits and bad bits. good bits are it’s cheaper than going into a studio, i don’t have to wait for an engineer to set up the mics or re-boot the computer, have a fag or call a girlfriend. i can stop and start and start again at will.

how the sound will compare in the end is a question – i’m sending it down to jon at earthworm (he recorded the first album) to mix anyhow, so hopefully he’ll work a bit of post-production (if that’s the right term) magic, and disguise the mistakes.